Force Block, the #1 Star Wars spoil­er block­er is back to keep the inter­net safe again just in time for Rogue One.

With over 100,000 down­loads, we know you are seri­ous about keep­ing spoil­ers out of your vision until you see it your­self.

Our squad of Both­an Spies has secured the secret spoil­er plans of the new Star Wars: Rogue One movie com­ing out this Thurs­day.

Force Block scans pages for cer­tain com­bi­na­tions of key­words, and alerts you if a pos­si­ble spoil­er is detect­ed.  If you already have Force Block, be sure to update it to shield your­selves.  If not, you can down­load it for free from the Chrome Store.

Now you can safe­ly browse the inter­net with Force Block again with­out fear of dis­in­te­gra­tions or spoil­ers.

May the force be with you … always.

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