What we’ve learned making custom emoji keyboards

It’s been nine months since we built our first emo­ji key­board. What start­ed as a fun exper­i­ment for our­selves has turned into some­thing we’ve been able to help a lot of oth­er brands with as well. We espe­cial­ly like the key­boards we’ve built for Columbia’s Barnard Col­lege and the Social Fresh con­fer­ence:   B-moji: iOS/Android Fresh­mo­ji: iOS/Android What we’ve […]

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Priceless Misc cross‑country

Ever since read­ing Derek Low’s blog post about his cross-coun­try Amtrak trip, Matt & I had talked about doing the same. Last month pre­sent­ed us with a per­fect oppor­tu­ni­ty to give it a go, so we packed our bags, plus a new mir­ror­less 4k cam­era, and hit the road > air > rails. DC We flew to DC to begin our trip. […]

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Looking around the corner at tech and media in 2016

Ear­li­er in Octo­ber, Michael Wolf and his firm Acti­vate pub­lished an insane­ly com­pre­hen­sive and insight­ful look at behav­ior and trends in tech and media, mak­ing some inter­est­ing pro­jec­tions for 2016. I’m embed­ding the whole pre­sen­ta­tion below, or you can down­load the PDF. Here are my top six take­aways: 1. We spend more time on tech & media than work or sleep. This shouldn’t be shock­ing […]

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It’s in the details: inspecting Hillary’s source code

For­get poli­cies, track records, alliances, major donors, or what kind of coun­try we want to build for our chil­dren. Let’s get down to what real­ly mat­ters in 2016: Hillary Clinton’s cam­paign web­site source code.

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wp-boiler — A Git-friendly foundation for building new WordPress sites


Just a lit­tle frame­work and work­flow I put togeth­er for super-quick­­­ly spawn­ing new Word­Press sites in a way that can be eas­i­ly man­aged and updat­ed with Git. For myself, my con­trac­tors, and my friends. 🙂

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The revolution will be A/B tested.

Aaron Swartz

Tumbling the Personal Democracy Forum

I’m in NY this week for the Per­son­al Democ­ra­cy Forum, a con­fer­ence focus­ing on the inter­sec­tion of gov­ern­ment, civics, and tech­nol­o­gy. I’ll be post­ing a lit­tle over on gov.tumblr.com about what’s going on, stay tuned if you’re into that kind of thing!

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CSS preprocessors are (mostly) a waste of time

I just spent about 3 hours last night research­ing LESS/SASS method­olo­gies, play­ing around with mix­ins and vari­ables, check­ing out usage exam­ples, and read­ing var­i­ous argu­ments for and against one or the oth­er. This is on top of the aggre­gate 5 hours or so I’ve spent read­ing or think­ing about such a thing in the past […]

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The MōVI from Freefly Systems

Tech like the MōVI from Freefly Sys­tems, the new “One Man Crew” auto­mat­ic par­a­bol­ic rails from Redrock Micro, and the awe­some inno­va­tion hap­pen­ing w/ mul­ti­copters in gen­er­al are inch-by-inch reduc­ing the num­ber of real peo­ple and expen­sive equip­ment need­ed on set to pull off great-look­ing, pro­fes­­sion­al-cal­iber video.

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Writing is overtaking speech as the most common form of interaction.

How social media and email have improved writing, in the Financial Times
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