Dabbing on the App Store with Purrmoji

Like the rest of Char­lotte we have caught Pan­thers fever. We want­ed to do some­thing to help cheer on our team and after our expe­ri­ence with Force Block we knew build­ing a tool for the mass­es was the best way to cel­e­brate this amaz­ing sea­son. We part­nered up with our friends at SOLID and local artist Rich Bar­ret to cre­ate […]

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Force Block: the Star Wars spoiler blocker

As the long-await­­ed pre­miere of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awak­ens approached last week, I was hit with a harsh real­i­ty: I’ve got to leave the inter­net. Shut down Face­book, avoid news sites, and shun most of my friends for the week, how else can I avoid spoil­ers? Like many oth­ers, I’m attempt­ing to avoid as many details about the […]

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It’s in the details: inspecting Hillary’s source code

For­get poli­cies, track records, alliances, major donors, or what kind of coun­try we want to build for our chil­dren. Let’s get down to what real­ly mat­ters in 2016: Hillary Clinton’s cam­paign web­site source code.

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wp-boiler — A Git-friendly foundation for building new WordPress sites


Just a lit­tle frame­work and work­flow I put togeth­er for super-quick­­­ly spawn­ing new Word­Press sites in a way that can be eas­i­ly man­aged and updat­ed with Git. For myself, my con­trac­tors, and my friends. 🙂

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CSS preprocessors are (mostly) a waste of time

I just spent about 3 hours last night research­ing LESS/SASS method­olo­gies, play­ing around with mix­ins and vari­ables, check­ing out usage exam­ples, and read­ing var­i­ous argu­ments for and against one or the oth­er. This is on top of the aggre­gate 5 hours or so I’ve spent read­ing or think­ing about such a thing in the past […]

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