The #1 Star Wars spoiler blocker updated for Rogue One

Force Block, the #1 Star Wars spoil­er block­er is back to keep the inter­net safe again just in time for Rogue One. With over 100,000 down­loads, we know you are seri­ous about keep­ing spoil­ers out of your vision until you see it your­self. Our squad of Both­an Spies has secured the secret spoil­er plans of […]

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More Emmy nominations!

It’s Emmy sea­son again! Price­less Misc has been nom­i­nat­ed for three Mid­south Emmys this year (one more than last year) and we could not be more excit­ed.   This year’s nom­i­nat­ed pro­duc­tions are … Long Live Arts Cat­e­go­ry: Promo/Spot Image Client: The Levine Cen­ter for the Arts & Orbital Sock­et Start­ing a Small Busi­ness in Char­lotte Cat­e­go­ry: […]

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Staying productive during the summer lull

It seems that every call I have had this month, includes a state­ment some­thing along the lines of “I will need to wait to get back to you until next week.  My whole office on vaca­tion”.  Makes sense, August is the last chance for relax­ation before the back-to-school crazi­ness begins and for a lot of […]

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Osmo: first impressions

This is DJI’s hand­held gim­bal, which they claim brings silky smooth pro­fes­sion­al cin­e­ma qual­i­ty sta­bi­liza­tion to the mass­es, not to men­tion a fun, adven­tur­ous lifestyle. I’ve spent a few weeks with the Osmo, and my ver­dict? Fun and adven­tur­ous: yes. Pro­fes­sion­al: not so much. The sell The day DJI announced the Osmo I watched the […]

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Working with creatives when you aren’t one

Through my career, I’ve always grav­i­tat­ed to work­ing with (and for) the cre­ative type.  I attest this attrac­tion to the envi­ron­ment I was brought up in. Both of my par­ents were cre­atives in their own right and all of their friends were artists, actors, musi­cians, and design­ers. Although I con­sid­er myself extreme­ly lucky to have […]

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Tumbling the Personal Democracy Forum

I’m in NY this week for the Per­son­al Democ­ra­cy Forum, a con­fer­ence focus­ing on the inter­sec­tion of gov­ern­ment, civics, and tech­nol­o­gy. I’ll be post­ing a lit­tle over on about what’s going on, stay tuned if you’re into that kind of thing!

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Writing is overtaking speech as the most common form of interaction.

How social media and email have improved writing, in the Financial Times

Transitional interfaces

Pasquale D’Silva dis­cuss­es the use of motion in inter­face design as a func­tion­al and infor­ma­tion tool, as opposed to mere­ly an aes­thet­ic one. Design­ers love to sweat the details. Much time is spent pix­el-fuck­­ing but­tons, form styles, set­ting type, & get­ting those icons as sharp as a tack. A+, great job, don’t stop you guys. […]

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