It’s been a month of Poké­mon mad­ness and Char­lotte is no excep­tion! About a week after Poké­mon GO launched, locals orga­nized an event at Romare Bear­den Park. What start­ed with a few hun­dred invites on Face­book quick­ly explod­ed to over 3k peo­ple RSVPing.


Late­ly we’ve been help­ing some of our clients get start­ed pro­duc­ing con­tent for Snapchat, and on-demand geofil­ters which let you add your mes­sage to any loca­tion or event, are a big part of that. We took notice of this event as not only a chance to catch a truck­load of Pidgeys and oth­er Poké­mon, but also as an oppor­tu­ni­ty to do a lit­tle gueril­la Snapchat mar­ket­ing.

We want­ed to make some­thing that was both eas­i­ly rec­og­niz­able and in the spir­it of the event. Poké­mon GO lets you choose one of three fac­tions to join, so we made fil­ters for each to let peo­ple rep their team.



The event was touch and go at first, with late sum­mer show­ers threat­en­ing to curb turnout. But the clouds part­ed, the crowds arrived, and we end­ed up with per­fect Poké­mon weath­er. Per­fect Snapchat weath­er too, appar­ent­ly — you know it’s a good sign when friends are shar­ing snaps with you, using your own fil­ter, not even real­iz­ing you made it!


  • Views: 34,044
  • Snaps using our fil­ters: 604
  • Spent: $100 ($25 per fil­ter)
  • Area cov­ered: 238,058 sq. ft.
  • Time ran: 5 hours
  • Most used team fil­ter: Val­or

It’s pret­ty clear how effec­tive and afford­able Snapchat can be as a pro­mo­tion­al and brand aware­ness tool. Obvi­ous­ly there’s a lot more to mak­ing con­tent for your brand on Snapchat than just geofil­ters, but it’s a fun way to start!


Head­er image by Scott Jensen

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