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aizobnomragym:Alma Thomas“Deep Red Roses Chant”hipinuff:Golnaz Fathi (Iranian, b.1972, ), Untitled (28), 2014. Acrylic, pen, varnish on canvasitscolossal:  New Swirling Psychedelic Illustrations by James R. Eadsjruckman:Plaza Del Ejecutivo in Mexico City, Mexicojruckman:  Can’t get enough of The Hive at London’s Kew Gardens
itscolossal:  New Swirling Psychedelic Illustrations by James R. Eadstheegoist:Tania Alvarez Zaldivar  A small collection of the glitch inspired art works by Guido Iafigliola you will find on his tumblr glitchdo.Check out this tumblr!hipinuff:Florian & Michael Quistrebert. Grattage II, 2013.jackvanzet:
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