NFCU x Red River Run

When Navy Federal Credit Union set out to amplify their support for military and student communities through the Red River Run they knew the narrative had to resonate deeply. Our challenge was clear: to weave a visual tale that not only highlighted the endurance and dedication of these ROTC participants but also aligned perfectly with Navy Federal’s ethos of support and community.

The Strategy

The goal was to craft a narrative that felt immediate and powerful. Navy Federal wasn’t just backing a sporting event; they were spotlighting the rigorous dedication of young military hopefuls. Our task was to ensure that every frame of footage captured the raw perseverance and teamwork of the students as they relayed game balls hundreds of miles to Dallas.

  • Precision in Planning: Long before the runners set foot on the road, our team was strategizing the best ways to capture the saga. This wasn’t about simply documenting an event; it was about crafting an engaging story. We synchronized with ROTC units, event organizers, and Navy Federal’s marketing mavens to ensure every logistical and creative angle was covered.
  • Immersive Content Creation: With crews embedded alongside the runners, we captured the sprawling landscapes of Texas and the intense focus of each participant. Utilizing drones and on-the-ground cameras, we brought viewers into the heart of the action, creating daily vignettes that were shared across social media to drum up anticipation and engagement.
  • Fast-Paced Production: The real test came as the relay concluded. Our team pulled an all-nighter, distilling hours of footage into a gripping narrative that was ready for the big screen at the Cotton Bowl and viewers at home on ESPN. This rapid content turnaround didn’t just meet deadlines—it maximized the impact of the moment when it mattered most.


The stakes were high, and the exposure was even higher. By the time the runners crossed the finish line, Navy Federal had successfully broadcast its commitment to the military on a massive scale.

  • Expanding Reach: The combination of live-event footage and strategically timed social media blasts meant that Navy Federal’s message was seen by millions, not just in the stadium, but nationwide.
  • Reinforcing Brand Values: This wasn’t just about brand visibility. It was about aligning Navy Federal with the values of perseverance, dedication, and community—the very traits exemplified by the ROTC runners. The narrative we crafted helped cement Navy Federal’s image as a fervent supporter of the military sector.
  • Deepening Engagement: The response was palpable. Increased social media activity, from likes to shares to comments, showed that the content struck a chord with its audience, drawing deeper connections between the public, the event, and Navy Federal.


This project was a perfect storm of storytelling precision, strategic content creation, and impactful delivery. For Navy Federal Credit Union, the Red River Run was more than just a promotional event; it was a chance to showcase their unwavering support for those who serve. At Priceless Misc, we pride ourselves on being able to tell such essential stories with nuance and power, ensuring that each project not only reaches but resonates with its intended audience. This case study is a testament to our ability to merge technical prowess with heartfelt storytelling, a combination that’s at the core of every project we undertake.