Stranger Things S4 Trailer Launch

As the world eagerly awaited the fourth season of Stranger Things, Netflix knew they needed a marketing campaign as captivating as the show itself. That's where we came in. Partnering with Deep Local, Priceless Misc was entrusted with the monumental task of bringing the Upside Down to life.

Elevating the Upside Down Experience

The Hurdle

Imagine a ticking clock, not just any clock, but a life-sized Creel clock straight out of the Upside Down. Our mission was to find the perfect spot in Santa Monica, all while navigating logistical challenges like limited power and internet access. But the real test? Meeting the sky-high expectations of Stranger Things’ die-hard fans without compromising the authenticity of the experience.

The Blueprint

Innovation? It’s in our DNA. We teamed up with Deep Local to design a YouTube live stream centered around the iconic Creel clock, adorned with Upside Down vines and glowing LEDs. Stationed in Santa Monica for 24 hours before the trailer drop, the clock became a living, breathing piece of the Stranger Things universe. Despite the hurdles, we ensured the experience was cohesive, high-quality, and downright intriguing.

The Unveiling

Santa Monica transformed. Fans and newcomers alike were drawn to our atmospheric installation, captivated by the mysterious countdown on the live stream. The buzz was palpable, and the anticipation reached a fever pitch.

The Ripple Effect

Our approach didn’t just capture eyeballs; it captured hearts and minds. The live stream alone pulled in over 1.25 million organic views, and the campaign received accolades from industry bigwigs like GamesRadar+ and Screen Rant. The fan reaction? Overwhelmingly positive, exceeding even our high expectations.

The Essence

This campaign was a testament to what we at Priceless Misc are all about—embracing challenges and delivering experiences that resonate. Collaborating with the creative minds at Netflix and Deep Local was not just a professional milestone but a personal joy. We’re in the business of making moments that stick, and this project was no exception.

In a world where attention is the new currency, we made sure Stranger Things won. We hope this case study offers a glimpse into our unwavering commitment to crafting narratives that not only capture attention but also leave a lasting impression.